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0412 549 115
Sunshine Coast including Mooloolaba, Maroochydore & Kawana

Would you like improved health through better nutrition?Assistance with a health issue? Increased energy levels or sports performance? Reduction of cholesterol? Boosted immunity?

Deb Rowe is qualified in General Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.

General Nutrition covers a broad spectrum of health issues over all age groups, ranging from healthy eating and prevention of disease, to facilitation of treatment for existing illness. Sports Nutrition is applicable to anyone from the first-time exerciser and recreational exerciser, to athletes competing at the highest level.

Nutritional requirements change throughout the age groups, so it is important to achieve optimal Nutrition from when we are babies through to the elderly years to ensure we are in the best of health and functioning at our best. Nowadays it’s much harder to get a good balance of nutrition from the diet. This is becoming more obvious with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, food intolerances and allergies on the increase. The average age of the Australian population is increasing, so maintaining good quality of life for as long as possible is even more important. Inappropriate nutrition can contribute to many health problems.

I practise an holistic approach when treating clients, treating the person rather than the symptom. Many health problems can be treated with both Nutrition and Massage, so we can work together on this. A consultation with a Nutritionist does not necessarily mean people need to make drastic adjustments to their diet and lifestyle. Deficiencies and imbalances in health can usually be corrected with simple changes that do not significantly interfere with the daily routine.

Health problems that can be treated by a Nutritionist include: Allergies / Food intolerances, Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Children’s health – behavioural, food sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia, Diabetes / Insulin resistance, Digestive disturbances, Headaches, Heavy metal toxicity, Men’s health – fertility, prostate, Poor immunity, Sinus / hayfever, Sports nutrition, Weight management, Women’s health – PMS, fertility, pregnancy, menopause.

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Diploma Nutrition
Diploma Sports Therapies
Cert IV Remedial Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Member ATMS 14811

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